Check the Meaning – Richard Ashcroft


When I’m low, and I’m weak, and I’m lost
I don’t know who I can trust
Paranoia, the destroyer, comes knocking on my door
You know the pain drifts to days, turns to nights
But it slowly will subside
And when it does, I take a step, I take a breath
And wonder what I’ll findCan you hear what I’m saying?
Got my mind meditating on love, love
Feel what I’m saying
Got my mind meditating on love, loveToo much blood, too much hate, turn off the set
There’s got to be something more
When Mohammed, Allah, Buddah, Jesus Christ
Are knocking down my door
I’m agnostic getting God, but man
She takes a female form
There’s no time, no space, no law
We’re out here on our own ……….(…)

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